Every time you gain a level, you have the option to increase either Vitality, Strength, Dexerity, or Magic.  Here's a little detail on that each stat actually gives you.  All Stat gains assume Normal Mode, adjust as necessary for other modes.  I am not entirely sure these stats are accurate, as they were just based on some quick tests with data I had.  As I learn more, I will update this page with what I learned.  

Stat Point EffectsEdit


  • +91.25 HP


  • +2.25 ATK
  • +2 DEF
  • -.25 AGI


  • +1 AGI
  • +.75 LUK


  • ​+9.25 MP
  • -.75 DEF
  • +2 MTK
  • +.75 MDF

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